‘Live the Passion’ Mandala Art Print

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‘Live the Passion’ from the Divine Connections series, inspires us to find our passion. It encourages us to live our life by choice, rather than chance. When we make the choice to follow our passion, we become empowered to live our dream life.

The first step is to find what your passion is. We often discover our passion in childhood… What did you spend hours doing as a child? What did you feel proud of achieving? As we grow up, we can become overwhelmed with responsibilities and lose touch with the things that bring us pure joy.

Once you find your passion, you’ll experience the fulfilment of living with purpose and making each day count.

How to use this artwork:
Sit with the artwork during your meditation. Focus on the centre point and slowly shift your awareness out towards the external layers. Focus your mind on your passion. Notice the colours in the mandala, the intense shades that represent the strength of your passion. Imagine feeling this intensity in your core, a burning flame in your solar plexus chakra. Become aware of this light radiating through your entire body. Sit with this for as long as you need to. Now send the light out into the room and beyond the walls into the world. There are no boundaries. Fuelled by your passion, your light shines brightly through the entire universe. Sit with this to the end of your meditation.

This print has been professionally reproduced from an original hand painted artwork on canvas. It is the result of approximately 50 hours of meditation. I hope it brings immense joy and happiness into  your space. Thank you for supporting my art journey.


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