‘Healing’ Mandala Art Print

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‘Healing’ from the Divine Connections series, relieves stress and anxiety from the mind and body. It releases negative, fear-based energy trapped within the energy body, allowing our body to heal from a cellular level.

Trapped energy from emotional pain, anger, fears and anxieties linger in our aura and build up over time. Bringing awareness to healing the energy body and releasing these blockages is an essential tool for living a healthy, balanced life.

This artwork was given to me in meditation and is a powerful portal for healing. Hang in your home for a calm space and use in meditation to gain its maximum effect.

How to use this artwork:
Sit with the artwork during your meditation. Focus on the centre point and relax your eyes. Become aware of the blocked energy trapped in your body. Slowly shift your eyes towards the outer layers of the mandala and become aware of your intention to release the blocked energy. As your eyes move through the artwork, use your breath to remove the trapped energy away from your body. Breathe in slowly and deeply to activate your cells and get the energy moving. Exhale slowly to release the tension from your body.

This print has been professionally reproduced from an original hand painted artwork on canvas. It is the result of approximately 50 hours of meditation. I hope it brings immense joy and happiness into  your space. Thank you for supporting my art journey.


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