About Sonja Bella

Contemporary Australian Visual Artist

“Creating art is an endless source of joy. My biggest challenge is stepping out of the way and allowing it to flow freely. This is where the magic happens.”

Beautiful, unique statement artworks for home owners, architects, interior designers and decorating professionals. Stunning original art to enhance and complete any space.

Artist Statement

My art is a translation of earth’s energy and manifests primarily in highly detailed patterns and mandalas.

It is the result of a highly intuitive process that relies heavily on my meditation practice, together with my knowledge of design and visual balance. My ongoing study of sacred geometry continues to influence my art and brings a deeper energetic connection to each artwork.

I am currently working towards building a collection of artworks inspired by the powerful energy of the ocean where I live.


My art emanates the love and connection I have for the Earth. This provides me with endless creative inspiration.

I work in two distinct art styles that are visually different but are inspired by the same source of energy and flow.

My mandala practice is highly disciplined, with each artwork being meticulously hand drawn or painted. They represent the fractal nature that exists in nature and communicate the delicate flow of energy around our body, other people and the planet. Inspired by the rules of Sacred Geometry, my mandalas provide a calm, profound viewing experience for the observer.

In stark contrast, my abstract, gestural style of paintings are created with very little control over the medium and process. The multi-layered, organic forms evolve from subtle transparent layers of colour which grow in intensity and purpose over many weeks. They are inspired by the ocean where I live, music and meditation.

The dualism in my art practice is complementary and interconnected. All my artworks hold the unique vibration of our time and are powerful symbols for connecting to the energy that exists around us.


I have been creating art for as long as I can remember, with some of my earliest memories being the desire to be able to draw. I spent my childhood copying artist’s works that I loved, including Ken Done, Van Gogh and doodling endless Disney cartoon characters in the back of my school books.

Seeking a creative career, I studied Bachelor of Visual Arts in Interior Design. I then fell into a career in graphic design and spent the next 20 years operating a web/graphic design studio with my partner. I oversaw the creative direction of all projects and this was a great outlet for challenging my creativity for many years.

Being self-employed and craving new challenges, we moved our young family over to Germany in May 2016 for the purpose of simply having a new adventure in life. Settling the children into school and living, working and integrating wholly into the German way of life for 2 years has undoubtedly been one of greatest experiences of my life.

Being away from all that was familiar and living completely out of my comfort zone was an experience that changed my motivation and direction in life. My focus shifted from seeking external comforts towards finding my own inner peace.

I experienced an overwhelming creative surge during those first few months in Germany and having recently seen a colourful mandala, I felt inspired to draw one. In January 2017, I sat down and drew my first mandala.

I was completely hooked and literally did not stop drawing after that. Something inside me just seemed to flow so beautifully when I drew. It felt like I was  recalling an ancient memory and seemed to be the most natural thing for me to do.

Since then, my creativity has expanded to include a second art practice inspired by the colours and energy of the ocean where I live. This translates in my abstract, gestural style of art with multi-layered organic forms.