‘Hidden Beauty’ Mandala Art Print

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‘Hidden Beauty’ is a representation of the multifaceted splendour that lies within each and every one of us. It displays the colour, complexity and diversity that is our soul’s experience across its many lifetimes, anchored by the wisdom of the Higher Self.

As you begin to remember yourself and return to the higher levels of consciousness, aspects of you and your Higher Self begin to merge. As you go through this evolution, you are becoming one with your Higher Self, as well as becoming one with the physical aspect of your soul.

This is an exciting new adventure and your guides are very pleased and in awe of what you are accomplishing.

This print has been professionally reproduced from an original hand painted artwork on canvas. It is the result of approximately 90 hours of meditation. I hope it brings immense joy and happiness into your space. Thank you for supporting my art journey.


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